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Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

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Published: 2 weeks ago
"There was an idea…" Avengers: Infinity War. In theaters May 4.

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comment  Comments

Pensaba que el tipo del bigote era Capitán América hasta que lo vi con Los Guardianes De La Galaxia...
Entonces tengo q preguntas.
1.-Star Lord tiene bigote
2.-y donde está Capitán América.
Si las respuestas son obvias disculpen la ignorancia

53 minutes from now

"this does put a smile to my face"
I know right.

48 minutes from now

Sleeping well DC fans?

47 minutes from now

Rip iron man 2:00

40 minutes from now


37 minutes from now

lol dc who?

36 minutes from now

1:21 proxima midnight confirmed!

36 minutes from now

This deserves more views than despacito

34 minutes from now


33 minutes from now

Send help I have watched this 175 times

33 minutes from now

Marvel overkilled DC

32 minutes from now

Click here Full movie here

27 minutes from now


27 minutes from now

Oh shit

24 minutes from now

r.i.p. r.i.p. r.i.p. r.i.p r i p just killed D.C. the MCU got the movies that you need to see

23 minutes from now

Tiene un chingo de vistas 😍🔥😍

19 minutes from now

As long as Loki is in it, I love it

18 minutes from now

Dc: frantically releases justice league
Marvel: releases infinity war trailer CHECKMATE.

18 minutes from now

Dope Video

18 minutes from now

enjoyed the trailer more than the entire justice league movie ;)

11 minutes from now

Why the hell can't movie heros make actual convincing villains anymore? Like honestly the only good villain to last come up in the marvel universe was maybe Peter Quills dad but they all seem to just be filler for a reason the heros should be united. "Aw man you know who my favorite super villain was? The red skull" no one would ever say that or really any villain of marvel because they have no relatable reason behind what they're doing.

10 minutes from now

Joseph Lundberg thanos has been set up for 10 years so wdym

40 minutes from now


6 minutes from now

DC is losing to Marvel

5 minutes from now

Where's the entire X-men, Fantastic 4, The Defenders

4 minutes from now

It took 14 years but its happening

4 minutes from now

Man, the music in this trailer is hyping me up!!!

3 minutes ago

Black Panther seems better, just my opinion tho.

3 minutes ago

Marvel is Better 🔥#SuckDC 😂

4 minutes ago

I actually cried when I saw this in theaters at The Last Jedi. (Tbh, I was more emotional over this than the actual movie)

10 minutes ago

Is Ant man and Hawkeye in it? I didnt notice them

10 minutes ago

How the hell can 57,000 people dislike this masterpiece?

10 minutes ago


8 minutes ago

OMG... 😍

11 minutes ago

Thumbs up if you think DC is dead.💀

12 minutes ago

Nightwing ergo the salt you ordered is ready.

3 minutes from now

your shoes are dead

5 minutes ago

Dc:We can make the best super heroes coming together movie ever!

Marvel:*We'll see about that*

12 minutes ago

In the trailer they where stunt people cap winter soldier star lord. Look closely u shall see them.

17 minutes ago

Who else here spends their breaks just watching this trailer?

20 minutes ago

1:49 it must be Spider-Man. Why he didn't doge it.

22 minutes ago

Audience: no one could ever put that many super hero's in one film.

Marvel: Hold my beer.

22 minutes ago

Justice League movie was good,but this......this put a smile on my face

24 minutes ago

Still can't believe how a single trailer beat a $300 million movie

24 minutes ago


25 minutes ago

Is it just me or does captain America look alike pewdiepie

25 minutes ago

Я это говно смотреть не буду!

27 minutes ago


29 minutes ago

Did u sucked all of that Daly from the ocean?

44 minutes from now


25 minutes ago

There's gonna be a movie award for this.. I can sense it already and it's not even out.

30 minutes ago

If this movie is anything but spectacular I will be severely disappointed.

31 minutes ago

anyone who disliked this have no soul

33 minutes ago

you have no dick

28 minutes ago

this trailer ended dc's carear

35 minutes ago

it begins

34 minutes ago

whose ready to see what kind of cameo Stan Lee has?😂😂😅

36 minutes ago

Pretty sure rocket's gonna ask Thor's eye patch for one of his plans😉😉

37 minutes ago
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