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LeBron James is 'obviously' the NBA MVP this season | First Take | ESPN

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Published: 1 week ago
LeBron James is 'obviously' the NBA MVP this season.

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10 minutes from now

Who even thinks mcnabb has any credibility... this the same system that put Steve Nash as a back to back MVP.. over shaq?? Save it donovan

1 hour ago

The East better then the west now.

21 hours ago

This is ridic... Lonzo ball almost got a triple dub on Lebron and is carrying the whole lakers team...

Lonzo shoud be mvp no questions

21 hours ago

James harden getting hoed again 🤦🏿‍♂️

23 hours ago

I think Donovan McNabb could do well by having his own show on ESPN.

1 day ago

The 2 reasons why Harden isn't is that he turnovers the most and plays terrible d...

1 day ago

Harden will have his 3rd mvp stolen this year

2 days ago


3 days ago

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3 days ago

Westbrook > Harden

3 days ago


3 days ago

Westbrook got it this year because of triple doubles. Harden is leading the league now but he doesn't deserve it because of the coaches system ? This nigga dumb

3 days ago

Harden is the MVP as of right now... But lebron is obviously the better player, right?

3 days ago wonder BSPN is swirling the bowl like the turds they are.

3 days ago

Who’s shooting less then 50% from
The field n shooting like 10 free throws a game

James Harden😭don’t compare him to lebron ever not In the same conversation

3 days ago

Watch lebron reach his prime at 40

4 days ago

Weren't the celtics ona 19game run? Streaks don't matter. The Beard is MVP,Kyrie is runner up

4 days ago

Weren't the celtics ona 19game run? Streaks don't matter. The Beard is MVP,Kyrie is runner up

4 days ago

Defense is not a factor in the MVP voting anymore, such a shame. All the fools that think Harden>Lebron are delusional. I know that Harden has more steals than LBJ, but we all know thats BS. BEARDED BLACK DUDE GO WATCH THE FULL GAMES, NOT HIGLIGHTS AND STATS.

4 days ago

Leading the league in scoring and assists does not automatically make you mvp, its called most valuable player. not best scorer and passer. The cavs without Lebon james, 25 or less wins. the rockets without harden. still 40+ wins

4 days ago

Max just straight up put McNabb on welfare

4 days ago

Ok both of you are right, a "James" is MVP at the current moment

4 days ago

This dude was a football player tf he doing here

4 days ago

James harden mvp 2017

4 days ago


4 days ago


4 days ago

James Hardens gonna be number 2 again this year :/

4 days ago

Love have Nabb didn’t mention how many Rebounds harden has. Lol

4 days ago

Yep a couple of Jordan record bet that!

4 days ago


4 days ago

Mike.D as a coach does make you look good ... you get to shoot however many shots you want, he don’t give a fuck

4 days ago

Apparently MVP = Who is averaging the most points in the league.

4 days ago

harden fucking lives on free throw line

4 days ago

The thumbnail makes him look like a xenomorph. Lol

4 days ago

LeBron is Un-fkn real rite now...I get it...but Harden is fkn PHENOMENAL rite now... Please don't overlook his hardwork... Give Harden the MVP 2017. LeBron wouldn't mind at all....✌

4 days ago

damn sas got big asf and grew a beard

4 days ago

Sometimes y’all forget the meaning of MVP it’s not Offensive player of the year offense, James Harden is kinda playing better offense but if we’re talking about the way they affect the game, LeBron James is the MVP

5 days ago

James harden is mvp

5 days ago

KD the real MVP

5 days ago

Kyrie Irving !!!!

5 days ago

Harden has been runner up for MVP for the past 3 or 4 years it's his MVP this season #FEARTHEBEARD

5 days ago

My god the dick sucking lebron receives is absolutely unreal. James harden is leading the NBA in scoring, assists and his team has the best record in the NBA. Harden is clearly the MVP right now.

5 days ago

Go , Max! THEA ONLY BROTHAAA on the show

5 days ago

Fuk off! harden has been hoed out too many times for him not to get MVP

5 days ago

Kyrie is definitely MVP this year

5 days ago

So the Cavs need all of these all star level players to barely make it out as the first seed in the Eastern conference, yet this fool Max is insisting LeBron as this year's MVP with his only argument that the opposing player is winning by the "function of a system"?

I swear Max is a fucking idiot.

5 days ago

James harden have better stats and more wins than lebron...than why for fuck sake is everyone trying so hard to make lebron mvp

5 days ago

James Harden is the MVP. Plain and simple.

5 days ago
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