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Published: 11 months ago
Christmas Day Morning 2016. Part 1 of 2. Opening presents brings tears!


December 25th 2016.

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comment  Comments

Wow. These kids have a lot of presents. Very much. Too much.

57 minutes from now

And this is what spoiled looks like

57 minutes from now

7:18 when u want to six plus but ur mom Gve u the 5 50 like olz

52 minutes from now

Hello i am mateo and he fron to the spain

49 minutes from now

Isla has the same bed as me

48 minutes from now

And there all so grateful which is good

48 minutes from now

I hate it when u get older and u get a good presi and u wanna cry but ur like 14 cuz I got the iPhone X the day it came out and I couldn’t hold my tears in it was amazing

47 minutes from now


47 minutes from now

just sayin y’all gonna regret buyin them all those toys cause when they older they ain’t gonna want that

45 minutes from now

If i woke up om christmas and saw all of these id be like omg Santa took out a loan

43 minutes from now

There on the advert on tv

42 minutes from now

HOLY S*#T man if I got that many presents GEEZ

37 minutes from now

Clearly this was done with good intentions but I feel like if you buy your kids this many presents each one looses it's value. You wouldn't even be able to remember everything you had. It's too many things.

36 minutes from now

Omg I got that same shopkns set last Christmas. Too

35 minutes from now

I love esme’s reaction, it’s to cute

26 minutes from now

They literally got half of a target

26 minutes from now

Esmé is adorable, she is so thrilled

26 minutes from now

The girl with red hair and bangs looks just like me I have red hair and bangs! And wow that’s so many presents!!! I wish I could I have all of that for Christmas I get the same amount as the dog:(

26 minutes from now

Spoilt brats

24 minutes from now

You kinda spoiled them

24 minutes from now

I'm spoilt if I get a toy I am ungrateful I want clothes I say they never learn

21 minutes from now

Christmas day ' the day the sky box is never used '

17 minutes from now


15 minutes from now


15 minutes from now

Omg they are spoilt 😐 How many things ? EACH!!!
Looking at how much they get 😐
And thinking about people who get nothing 😢😐

12 minutes from now

when you cry when its only a phone and you have tons of other good ones left

12 minutes from now

This girls are spoiled af 😅

12 minutes from now

5:20 gilded turkey😂

10 minutes from now

Where are Sarah and Chris’s presents

8 minutes from now

merry christmas tho hehe

6 minutes from now


6 minutes from now

You got to be kidding... an hymn to capitalism, waste and vice

1 minute ago

Geez! Imagine how much money was spent on these 0-0 Santa must be bankrupt! 😂

2 minutes ago


Is what someone who is a jater would say ps I LOBE THIS VID THEY ARE SOOOOO GRATEFUL

4 minutes ago

My parents got me a phone this Christmas ( I got it early ) and some clothes. The oldest got a phone and 500 dollars (or more) worth of other presents

8 minutes ago

I showed my mom this video and she said that they can't possibly have THAT MANY PRESENTS!! How rich is this family??!!

11 minutes ago


11 minutes ago

I have never got SO MANY PRASENTS!!
I AM very tired!😢

12 minutes ago

Мне зв всю жизнь столько подарков не дарили!!!😢😭😭😭

13 minutes ago

One girls presents is about as much as my whole family gets their so so so so lucky 🍀

13 minutes ago

Not even one girls whole present builds up to the same amount as everyone in my house (seven people, 2 parents 4 kids and a cat)

14 minutes ago

I can’t believe I thought I had a lot of presents

18 minutes ago

They wanted everything they got all i want is my twin brother back😭😭😪😪

18 minutes ago

Wow! Been watching them from the start and the views on this video are amazing! Well done inghams you deserve it xx

21 minutes ago


21 minutes ago


21 minutes ago

me Ellie Toenjes and not trying to be rude but thats way to many toys (gifts)

22 minutes ago

Can’t wait till next Monday Christmas yallll 2017 xxx

26 minutes ago

That's more presents then what I have under the tree and I have more ppl then u?!?!?!?!?!?!?

31 minutes ago

I love your decorations so pretty.

31 minutes ago
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